GalaGlo Anti-ageing serum

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ANTI-AGING SERUM FOR FACE - Resist & defy the visible signs of aging with this wrinkle-fighting facial serum. A GalaGlo exclusive, the skincare serum replenishes skin with nutrients to restore youthful radiance.

TONING, FIRMING, SMOOTHING - Lifting, tightening & proven to smooth out uneven tones, the natural face serum diminishes age spots, corrects discoloration, treats hyperpigmentation & plumps skin to fill in wrinkles.  HYDRATING, GLOW BOOSTING: Infused with hyaluronic acid, the anti spots face serum for women & men nourishes skin with extreme hydration to combat dryness, flaking, dullness & dark circles spurred by dehydration.

PURELY NATURAL 100% VEGAN -  No other young skin instant facelift serum is as as pure or as potent as ours. Made entirely out of plant extracts, herbs & other natural derivatives, this skin serum is nature's best healer.

LUXE CRUELTY-FREE SKINCARE - Our beauty elixir drops are formulated out of hyaluronic acid, green tea, aloe vera, vitamin E, organic gotu kola & more. Enhanced with witch hazel, the serum also defends skin against acne.


GalaGlo's lift & firm glow boosting face serum is lightweight, fast-absorbing & thin
enough to wear under makeup as a skin smoothing primer. Packaged in a bottle with
dropper, the concentrate is easy to apply. Massage a few drops into cleansed skin to
smooth wrinkles, plump, enhance glow & reduce redness for a radiant complexion.

HYALURONIC ACID reduces visibility of wrinkles & fine lines by immersing skin
with maximum moisture. Due to its capacity to retain 1000X its weight in water, this
skin plumping powerhouse leaves skin silky soft, smooth & extra supple to the touch.

ALOE VERA JUICE is rich in antioxidants that lighten blemishes, promote healing &
repair, soothe skin affected by environmental damage, tighten saggy skin & improve
radiance, aloe vera extract helps ease itching, diminish the appearance of scars & more.

WITCH HAZEL is a natural astringent which draws impurities from pores to cleanse
them of bacteria linked to breakouts. Tone, boost glow & ward off fine lines with an
anti-aging serum that gently aids in the prevention of blemishes without drying skin.

VITAMIN E protects skin against free radicals & reduces UV damage to slow aging.
It helps strengthen the skin's surface barrier to prevent the penetration of pollutants.
Anti-inflammatory & rich in antioxidants, this natural oil also helps brighten dull skin.

WHEAT GERM accelerates collagen production to promote repair of damaged skin.

GREEN TEA clears clogged pores, gently exfoliates, reduces puffiness and redness.

GOTU KOLA helps repair varicose veins on the face, damaged skin tissue & more.

GERANIUM supports skin health & tones to reveal a naturally glowing complexion

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